Do you know of a place?
Where is love deserved,
Not desired?

Where destinations are fated
Not designed?
And no one wants resignation?

A place where
Humanity is not taught,
But something in our DNA?

A place that humans
Know of no hardships,
But appreciate their hardwork?

A land that has history
Written of men with blood
Being spilled on earth,
Not men killing their fellow men?

Am asking,
Do you know of a place
Where the sun is loved
Liked the moon?

Where everyone is equal,
And men not talking equality,
But do equity?

Am tired and fired,
And needs to move,
So tell me quick!


Les June Ak.

Childhood, We missed

Childhood, W

In the good old days,
We race,
Running the streets
With glittering chattering,

We chanted the stories of grandma,
The proverbs Grandpa told us
Are our favorite lines,

The dark part of the stories
Are our fears
We hold hands when we imagined the scariest monsters

Childhood, we missed,
How we almost kiss as kids
Is forgotten but recorded
I have recovered your favorite cover,
Of the days we were able to know the truth

Of the days to come,
Or days left, not from our childhood,
Just on the last day you left,
I couldn’t see any day better than the days we spent in dreams
When looking at each other.

©Les June Ak.

In the class, my future lays.

Raised in this world,
All I have known is class
‘Cause that’s where my future lays
And all my hopes come to last
When my teacher tells me to write

In the cold mornings,
I journey the darkest Streets,
Climbed the hills,
Cross the rivers,
And travel thru the desert
To come to class
‘Cause that’s where my future lays

I trust my hands,
Believe my heart,
And know my arms
Will carry the books on my back
As my feet stands on the boots
To reach me to the class
‘Cause that’s where my future lays

I have succeeded
Because I am educated
All my needs
Are knitted
On my knees
As I pray to my God,
To open my goals.

Knowledge is success
My future is bright because
I have attended the class
As that’s where my future lays.

When Am Gone

If I kick the bucket,
Please do not lament,
For I would have correctly answered to the call of infinity,
Look for a poet, let him write one poem,
Burry me within it,
Write the poem about my journey,
let the stanzas be my coffin,
let the poetic devices be my last flowers, don’t make it too melancholy,
let the rhymes be my last memorial songs, ooooohh please do include visual imagaries for people to picture my favorite moments with my favorite people,
to those who didn’t knew me well, please just tell them i was a dreaming poet, but in my life was just a personna..
Let not my family think I’m gone forever,
Just tell them I went to find answers,
For the questions show them my diary….@lesjuneak

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